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Fixing and Cleaning Your Mail Box
Posted on Jun 19th, 2023

Does your decorative mailbox filigree (the decorative scroll ornament located below your mailbox on the post) need to be cleaned, painted, fixed, or replaced completely?  Here are some tips to manage those needs:
  • If the scroll is still in its original shape (no cracks or missing pieces), consider either cleaning it to bring it back to its original white luster or painting it white.  Check with a painting professional regarding the best paint to use.
  • Re-attach any pieces that have fallen off.  Make sure the fix looks seamless.  Painting may be required depending upon the fix.
  • If your scroll is beyond repair and needs to be completely replaced, similar white scrolls are available at a store such as Lowes or Home Depot.  
  • If your mailbox is on a post with your neighbor’s mailbox, both scrolls need to match in color and design. Even if your neighbor’s scroll looks ok, both must be replaced to match. Please coordinate with your neighbor! 
  • If your mailbox is on a post without a neighbor’s mailbox attached, you can replace your scroll with one that looks like others in the neighborhood.
   As a friendly reminder, mailboxes should be free of stains and debris.  Spring is a great time to ensure that your mailbox looks its very best.