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Once a Week Watering Begins 1 December 2023
Posted on Nov 27th, 2023
Beginning December 1, 2023, Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties will be limited to once-per-week lawn watering. 

Once-per-week lawn watering days and times are as follows. If your house number ends in…
  • 0 or 1, water only on Monday
  • 2 or 3, water only on Tuesday
  • 4 or 5, water only on Wednesday
  • 6 or 7, water only on Thursday
  • 8 or 9*, water only on Friday (includes locations without a discernible address)
NEW Homeowner Portal
Posted on Jul 1st, 2023
Our management company, McNeil Management, has a new Homeowner Portal for all owners to access on their website. To pay your dues, submit alteration applications, submit an Enforcement Request Form, change your mailing address, and more, please register to access your account at
Lawn Irrigation Dates
Posted on Jun 23rd, 2023
Homes located within Panther Trace (unincorporated Hillsborough County) may water lawns 2 days per week on specific days and times.  For a complete list of the days/times for your property, visit Find My Watering Days.
Fixing and Cleaning Your Mail Box
Posted on Jun 19th, 2023
Does your decorative mailbox filigree (the decorative scroll ornament located below your mailbox on the post) need to be cleaned, painted, fixed, or replaced completely?  Here are some tips to manage those needs:
Community Newsletter
Posted on Feb 20th, 2023
A copy of the Winter 2023 newsletter was mailed to residents in mid-February. You can also read it here: Panther Trace HOA Newsletter.  
Subscribe to our Mailing List
Posted on Jan 25th, 2023
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Mailbox Replacement Parts
Posted on Aug 9th, 2021
Homeowners who need replacement parts for their mailbox may contact Creative Mailbox at (813) 818-7100. 
Report Sidewalk Lifting To County
Posted on Aug 9th, 2021
If you've noticed "lifting" in the sidewalks around your home or in our community, please note their location and report this problem to Hillsborough County here: It's an online form that will ask what is needed (sidewalk damage), your info, the address/location of the lifted sidewalk, and any necessary details. It's that simple! 
Request Easement Tree Trimming by County
Posted on Aug 9th, 2021
Hillsborough County has an online reporting system for issues related to easement tree trimming. If the easement tree on your property needs to be trimmed to allow safe passage of vehicles on the street or pedestrians on the sidewalk, please click on the link below to request trimming of easement trees: