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Welcome to the new Panther Trace HOA website, which provides community information and helpful links for our residents and interested visitors. Please visit this home page often for current news and events. You may click on the links on the left to access important documents and forms, contact information, and other useful resources. 
~ Community News ~
Clubhouse Remains Closed
Posted on Feb 8th, 2021
Per the CDD, the Panther Trace Clubhouse remains closed to meetings.  The February Panther Trace HOA board meeting has been cancelled.  The Panther Trace HOA Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 9,  2021 at 7pm at The Venue, 11268 Boyette Road, Riverview, FL  33569 at 7pm.
Report Sidewalk Lifting To County
Posted on Jun 17th, 2020
If you've noticed "lifting" in the sidewalks around your home or in our community, please note their location and report this problem to Hillsborough County here: It's an online form that will ask what is needed (sidewalk damage), your info, the address/location of the lifted sidewalk, and any necessary details. It's that simple! 
Mailbox Replacement Parts
Posted on Jun 9th, 2020
Homeowners who need replacement parts for their mailbox may contact Creative Mailbox at (813) 818-7100. 
Who to Call for Broken Cable/Electric Box Lid
Posted on Feb 7th, 2020
If you're a homeowner with a cable and/or electrical box lid in your front yard, here's information on who to call when you observe a broken lid: Who to Call
HCSO Parking Laws
Posted on Jan 24th, 2020
Recently the Association’s Manager met with Deputy Nixon, Community Resource Officer for District IV, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) regarding parking on Hillsborough County roads.  He provided this flyer and added that the Sheriff’s Department is the only agency that can enforce the parking laws.  Deputy Nixon highlighted common infractions observed within the District: 
  • You cannot park a vehicle within 10 feet of another vehicle, which would impede traffic flow on the roadway (must have room for emergency vehicle to get through);
  • You cannot park a vehicle against the flow of traffic;
  • You cannot park more than 12” from a curb or edge of road/grass;
  • You cannot park a vehicle so as to block a sidewalk.
Please refer to page 2 of the flyer for a complete list of citable infractions.  If you observe these infractions in your neighborhood, please call Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, District IV at (813) 247-8200 to report them.
Request Easement Tree Trimming by County
Posted on Jan 3rd, 2020
Hillsborough County has an online reporting system for issues related to easement tree trimming. If the easement tree on your property needs to be trimmed to allow safe passage of vehicles on the street or pedestrians on the sidewalk, please click on the link below to request trimming of easement trees:
Florida's New Tree Removal Law
Posted on Sep 20th, 2019
Click here to read more about the new tree removal laws that went into effect July 1, 2019. 
Helpful Links for Community Issues
Posted on Aug 15th, 2018
Hillsborough County and HCSO have resources to help residents deal with issues that are not covered by your HOA and property management team. Some examples include civil nuisances (such as noise or inadequate pet maintenance), criminal matters, trespassing, traffic matters, parking of vehicles on county-owned roads, etc., which must be addressed with the appropriate county agencies. Click here to learn more about these helpful resources. 

~ Upcoming Events ~
HOA Board Meeting
Friday, December 31st
Board Meetings are held monthly unless otherwise noted on the 2021 Meeting Schedule. Please refer to the schedule for changes to dates and/or location that may occur: 2021 meeting schedule